Access customers are the largest untapped market in the world. They make up at least 24% of New Zealand’s population – over 1 million people. That is 1 in 4 New Zealanders; or 1 in 4 in your own community or family. Yet for this group, accessing businesses and organisations can be challenging.

An access customer is a person who:

  • Is blind or has difficulty reading small print
  • Uses a wheelchair or is unable to walk easily
  • Is Deaf or has trouble hearing in noisy places
  • Finds it difficult to read and understand things
  • Is carrying a child or has to maneuver a stroller
  • Is from a different country with a different language

In fact, we will all have access needs at some point in our lives, so a 100% accessible society will benefit us all.

Who do you know who could be an Access Customer? Contact me to find out how your business could become more accessible.

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