Sharon Gallaghan

Assistive Technology Consultation

Genevieve’s consulting was recommended to us by Parent to Parent following our son’s reduction in vision. Due to a neurological condition affecting transmission of information in the brain, he has multiple needs including legal blindness (severe blur), processing, working memory issues, mild speech impairment, involuntary movement, issues with voluntary movement, audiological processing and sensorineural hearing issues, but is a gifted student. The majority of these needs have onset in the past 1-3 years, leaving him struggling and at times, very low. Now 16 ½ years’old, he is about to regain access to NCEA for the first time since 2012 via correspondence, ORS funding and special tuition, with appropriate accessibility documentation.

From the time of first contact with Genevieve, she was clear, compassionate, an accomplished listener, and able to immediately provide information and services on options which well suited our son’s needs. She provided training and trials of equipment so that our son could gain confidence and a realistic expectation of the scope of assistive technology. Our son will be entering the Assistive Technology process with Ministry of Education shortly, and through his work with Genevieve now has a clear and growing understanding of his own preferences for types of audio, movement, and magnification. Other options for educational support software are also available. This, along with trialling external human assistants, has significantly allayed anxieties and given him hope towards a future in secondary and tertiary study. 

Genevieve has introduced our son, in a clear and non-confusing way to assistive technology, both as an end user herself, and with extensive experience with the agencies with which he is now working (The Blind Foundation/RNZFB, Ministry of Education, BLENNZ) along with other agencies including Workbridge and ACC, and others whose services he may require long-term.  

Genevieve has been clear, professional and prompt in all her dealings with us, and is passionate about outcomes for clients. As with other Disability Service Providers governed by the Health and Disability Commission Code of Rights, she adheres to required high standards of communication and ethics. As with providers such as optometrists and surgeons who both prescribe their patients’ treatments and provide these commercially, we consider Genevieve to be unbiased in her recommendations – she will recommend the most appropriate products for our son even if they are not accessed through her company.

Genevieve has clear experience with a multiplicity of special education and disability needs. She has balanced her observations with information provided on our son’s complex condition to provide an approach to the technology which empowers our son as ‘the conductor of the orchestra’ to explore and expand his ideas and abilities with technology. There is no replacement for his vision, and Genevieve has been sensitive at all times in working with him as newly visually impaired, gifted and with autistic spectrum-type sensitivities and preferences which can impact confidence and learning.

Genevieve appears to be highly proficient in remaining up to date with all data pertaining to technologies and their updates, their cost to benefit ratios, and managing and expanding her own business systems and relationships with agencies, suppliers, funding providers and end users. She operates from an evidence-based perspective. She has an excellent overview of the whole field of disability provision, and willingness to continually update her understanding, always maintaining a positive and forward-looking approach.  

Genevieve has excellent training skills and enormous experience in assistive technology, provision, funding and training. As above, she is a clear, neutral and patient communicator, including with those with hearing, memory or processing impairment. As she currently works on a fee-for-time basis in a commercial setting, she makes every minute count without putting pressure on a client or family, and is generous and professional in provision of free contracted equipment trials, with free discussion time to assess details and effectiveness of those trials.

Alana Moriarity

Dragon Speech Recognition Software & Training

Kia ora, nga mihi maioha ki a koutou katoa

Adaptive Technology Solutions recently provided me with Dragon Naturally Speaking software and training. I have found the software life changing - it allows me to stand up and walk around while working, thereby reducing my back pain.

I have also found it an absolute pleasure to work with Genevieve and her husband Bruce. Genevieve is a wonderful teacher. She is flexible in regards to training dates and times, caters for my learning style, works at a pace I feel comfortable with, provides clear, easy to understand instructions and maintains good email communication and follow up.

Thank you again for all your help - it has made a huge difference in my life.

Naku noa, na

Brook Riddell-Garner

Dragon Speech Recognition Software & Learning Support Software.
I am an adult student studying law, with a background in entrepreneurship and banking. I have been recently diagnosed with a learning disorder and needed specific software and hardware to assist me.
Adaptive Technology Solutions have experience with people like me and my specific needs and were also able to research and recommend high-quality solutions tailored for my situation.

Genevieve and Adaptive Technology Solutions were experienced, professional and timely in all my dealings with them. As a result of the systems I now have in place I am more able to operate at my highest level for longer, which in my case means a better understanding and comprehension of what I read and learn, which has meant better grades for me right now and going forward will help to ensure success in the profession I am studying to become part of.

This service exceeded my expectations and I can recommend Adaptive Technology Solutions to anyone.