I received this lovely testimonial from a client I’ve been working with, using Dragon Speech Recognition software.

“Genevieve at Adaptive Technology Solutions made the work we did together easy – at a time when I was feeling confronted, exhausted, and challenged beyond my capabilities. After a workplace accident which left me unable to manage a computer or a lot of the everyday office and life-management tasks, I had finally decided to make the shift into a new direction and style of work. Being in the middle of a vocational change, I appreciated the personalised and considered approach. It was tailored precisely to my needs and was adjusted and tweaked as we worked through so that it met my pace and ability. Genevieve is also extremely knowledgeable and connected and readily shared her expertise and advice. So, moving away from work I had done my whole working life, into an independent path of a workplace and executive coaching, the idea of learning a set of new skills and software was daunting, I was pleasantly surprised that the process itself was actually supportive and constructive, rather than yet another drain and challenge.

I was concerned at the start that this could be yet another ‘quick fix’ solution without really looking into whether it was realistic or met my wider needs – I knew voice-activated software could be useful, but thought the getting to appointments for lessons, the amount of computer time required to build enough skill to realise the benefits, get to know new hardware and software, etc would just be too much for me to manage. I was also worried that the challenges to this learning that I had mirrored the challenges I’d face in my new career path, and I wasn’t sure they were surmountable.

Genevieve really listened and took into account my situation, and developed solutions to fit and make what we were trying to achieve possible. She helped find solutions to issues arising in the bigger picture that would have got in the way of progress. In doing so, she opened up avenues and options, and has enabled me to look at my work options from a new angle – this is definitely much more than I expected from the service.

I now have a renewed feeling of competency and hope that I will be able to find a way to contribute, even with my “limitations”

I have been provided with connections, ideas, networking opportunities, and support that extends beyond the narrow ‘quick fix’ that I thought I was going to get! A new angle on meeting my challenges has enabled me to continue moving towards my goal of being able to offer my coaching services. Tangible solutions to difficulties, struggle and pain.  This results in options for positive change.

I would absolutely recommend Adaptive Technology Solutions. With Genevieve’s kind and down to earth approach, I’m pretty sure she could find innovative fixes, workarounds and solutions to anyone’s perceived barriers or limitations.

I’ve been astounded and refreshed by Genevieve’s approach and how she just puts solutions into action in such a down to earth approach. I’m inspired by her work and by seeing how much benefit and positive change she must bring to people’s lives.”

  • Kate


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