To help ensure people with access needs are not forgotten post lockdown, Access Advisors would like to invite you to learn more about the impact of access needs on technology use in a series of webinars we are running. This is part of our ongoing quest to help increase awareness of access needs across New Zealand.

During Techweek2020 Access Advisors is hosting a series of one hour online webinars (July 27-31 at 2:00pm) designed to highlight the impact various access needs have on technology use, primarily websites and apps. 

Each day will cover a different topic, namely:

In each hour long session you will learn about:

  • The specific access needs associated with the topic
  • The impact of that impairment on technology use
  • Any assistive technology used for accessing websites and apps
  • Some design and development considerations.

If you are interested in one or all of the webinars, sign up now to learn about all different kinds of access needs for a more complete idea of how to create an inclusive digital experience.

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