I came across this article and video in a newsletter I subscribe to and thought it worth sharing for those of us who do presentations as part of our work.

Ever since Oprah Winfrey delivered her stirring acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globes, the internet has been buzzing with rumours that she will stand in the 2020 US Presidential election.

Three things you can take from her speech

1. Content is King – although Oprah delivered her speech with a lot of power, it is her MESSAGE that is resonating with audiences. Oprah used a variety of types of evidence to support that message such as childhood memories and historical references. And she kept to that single message without straying into anything else. It simply couldn’t be ignored.

2. Live your Content – this is a phrase we use to remind presenters to make your delivery congruent with your content.  When your content is light – speak with lightness. If your content is deep – use your delivery to help convey that depth.  As a result, your presentation will be like an interesting journey with highs and lows – not a monotonous, bullet-laden data-fest.

3. Oprah for President! – has been ringing out since this speech. Why? Because people make positive meaning about effective speakers. We trust them and have confidence in their abilities. We even attribute to them positive characteristics that have nothing to do with their ability to deliver a message with energy.Check out Oprah’s speech here: (roughly 9 minutes)

Check out Oprah’s speech here: (roughly 9 minutes)


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