Be. Accessible’s Be. Employed team are excited to announce the launch of a new employment programme designed to positively impact the lives of many New Zealanders looking for work.

This programme provides innovative professional development opportunities to individuals who are hitting barriers to find the career of their choosing. Including a Gallup branded Strengths Finder Coaching programme and fun ways to find out about the relevant skills and experience needed for 21st Century jobs.

There is a high interest in transitioning people into the Technology industries in New Zealand in a variety of professional roles.

Be. Employed have secured a strong partnership with Microsoft New Zealand and the Industry Partnerships team at MSD to support talented and access citizens employers to come together in entry-level or existing careers. The team at Microsoft and their client partners (ANZ, Datacom to name a couple) are supporting the candidates we place into jobs as professional Mentors as well.

Their goal is to bring together 21st Century savvy New Zealanders with access needs and a diverse range of employers in areas such as Design, Innovation and Technology, Tourism and Professional Services. Opportunities will be based on a candidate’s relevant experience or skillsets.

If this is you or someone you know who is hitting barriers getting into a career that is relevant for this Century and right for them, then please encourage them to go to the Be. Employed website page: to check it out.

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