I’d like to share a video that was created by a friend and fellow Toastmaster and which won third place in a recent video contest. In it, Karen talks about the surprising things she’s learned from Toastmasters. Before I do that, I’d also like to tell you a little about my own Toastmasters journey.

As part of running my own business, I often have to attend networking events and do presentations, something I’ve always been shy about and didn’t think I was very good at.

To help overcome my fear of public speaking, I joined Toastmasters to become more proficient at speaking in front of groups.

Before joining Toastmasters, I found it hard speaking in public and didn’t believe people would take me seriously, even though I was told I was a good speaker.

Since joining Toastmasters, I’ve spoken at two conferences for work and I chair a Transport Working Group. I’m also going to be presenting a Break Out session at an upcoming Club Leadership Training later this month, none of which I would have had the confidence to do three years ago.

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