Dolphin is proud to launch US GuideConnect, the simple technology that enables those with a visual impairment, mild to moderate cognitive impairments and those who are aging, to compute with confidence! They can manage everyday life, stay connected to friends, family, and community and have fun!

GuideConnect is so easy because it provides picture icons with one-tap access to all of the things people do most using a computer, without facing the obstacles of navigating the desktop or opening individual programs and applications.

Use GuideConnect to independently:
• Read/write email, letters, and documents
• Visit and bookmark favorite websites
• Scan and read any print materials (like mail)
• Browse, read and download books from digital libraries like NLS/Bard
• Read favorite newspapers – delivered daily
• Manage a personal calendar and contacts
• Listen to radio stations

GuideConnect is designed for people who may struggle with screen magnification. It provides voice input (using a microphone) and a number of other personal preferences. The best part is, you get to choose the type of technology you find most comfortable – laptop, desktop PC, touchscreen tablet or TV box & remote.

Guide Connect is available through Vision Associates/HumanWare here in NZ.

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