New Zealand joins the Marrakesh Treaty – a win for accessible information

Joining the Marrakesh Treaty will give easier and quicker access to information for Kiwis who are blind, low vision and those with print disabilities. It has been a long time coming. First New Zealand had to amend its copyright laws so they were aligned with the...

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Insider’s Tip: Alt Text

Every image you upload to the internet has accessible functionality called ‘alt text’. This enables anyone who uses technology such as screen readers to know what is contained in an image. Check out these ‘how-to’ videos to learn how to add alt text to images, and...

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“I Thought the Fashion World Didn’t Want People LIke Me, I Was Wrong”

A fantastic blog from the very awesome Grace Stratton. “I have lived my whole life as a wheelchair user. At 20 years old, I actually really like my wheelchair and I like my body. Fashion helped give me an avenue for expressing myself beyond my chair, changing my power...

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