How Technology Unlocks Hidden Talents

I've been following with interest the work Text Help has been doing on Diversity & Inclusion. This blog talks about how technology can support staff with hidden disabilities because we're all different. Could you be missing out on top talent because your diversity and inclusion program doesn't quite support neurodivergent candidates?     Discover how technol...

Government Launches New Ministry

Press Release Hon Carmel Sepuloni  Minister for Social Development and Employment Hon Poto Williams  Minister for Disability Issues 1 July 2022 In what is a milestone day, the Government has launched Aotearoa New Zealand’s first Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People, and New Zealand’s first Ministry that will have a NZ Sign Language name, as well as Te Reo ...

Tips to Creating an Inclusive Workplace that Supports Neurodiversity

In this blog, TextHelp shares 11 key takeaways from their first-ever Festival of Workplace Inclusion which took place last month. Festival speakers shared some great advice around the themes of inclusive recruitment, retaining and developing diverse talent, and creating an inclusive culture. Read the main takeaways from each session.  

Stairway to heaven? Not when you can't climb it!

A good designer can create a ramp that is both functional and suits its surroundings. Being a heritage building is a terrible excuse to exclude people. The constant tension between heritage and accessibility - thank you Virginia Fallon for calling it out!  Read Virginia's article.

Disability in the Workplace

Disability in the Workplace   Accessibility needs to be the norm, not an afterthought.    One in four New Zealanders have access needs and most of those people could be contributing to our economy if we take three steps to start to change the conversation around disability in the workplace, says equity advocate Genevieve McLachlan.  “There are simple but hig...

Chronic Health Condition or Disability?

Here's an interesting read on the difference in how "disability" and "chronic health condition" are defined. If we include people with health conditions in the accessibility conversation, we're talking about a whopping 79% of the population! Read the full article .

Sudima Auckland City: How Wheelchair Friendly is this Accessible Hotel?

I've stayed at the Sudima Hotel in Auckland several times when visiting the city, so was very interested in this review by Stuff reporter Olivia Shivas. Read Olivia's review . 

Free Digital Accessibility Downloads!

Are you wondering how to get started with digital accessibility? Be. Lab  has put together some free resources on how to be accessible online, specially tailored for those who are starting out or don't have any specialist knowledge. Start your digital accessibility journey today.   Read the blog and get your free digital accessibility resources.

A Dedicated Ministry for Disabled People is coming!

The new Ministry for Disabled People’s journey begins on 1 July 2022. So what does this mean for you? Disabled people deserve better. They deserve a way to engage and shape a better future for themselves. This is the reason for the new Ministry. The new Ministry will take the lead for disability support services and transforming them so that in the future, d...

1 in 4 New Zealanders Have Access Needs

Did you know that 1 in 4 New Zealanders has an access need or disability? That's more than a million NZers, a number which is increasing daily with our ageing population. Accessibility is crucial to building strong communities, better business and a nation where everyone thrives.  As one of those living with access needs, I'm proud to be part of the  Be. Lab...

How to Ensure Your Online Presence is Accessible

In the second of our Digital Accessibility webinars, we share some simple changes you can make to your website to increase accessibility. Digital accessibility doesn’t have to be in the “too hard basket”. Join accessibility experts from Be. Lab to learn about simple, inexpensive changes you can make to increase your customer base, brand loyalty and revenue. ...

Why Accessibility is Important Online

In preparation for Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Thursday 19th May,  Be. Lab  partnered with  Digital Boost to run two digital accessibility webinars.  Many small business owners think online accessibility is an unnecessary added extra and an expense beyond their budget. In this webinar you’ll learn the value of ensuring your online platform and pro...

New Zealand Sign Language Week

May 9-15 is NZSL Week, which celebrates that New Zealand Sign Language has been an official language since 2006.  NZSL has definitely risen in profile over the past couple of years, partly due to the visibility of interpreters at the daily COVID briefings. However, it is still an endangered language.  The theme this year is “NZSL is essential”. It is essenti...

How to be an Accessible Tourist Destination

As the tourism industry looks for ways to recover from the pandemic, Access Tourism provides an incredible opportunity. Here are some tips for tourist providers, to help get you started on your Accessibility Journey.   Read these tips .

14 Tips for Writing for the Web

Today's web surfers live in a multitasking world. Often content is consumed on the go. Some may snack on content in between meetings, while others digest it as they’re watching Netflix. 14 business professionals share their top tips. "To improve your web writing and nurture engagement, what's one tip to follow when writing for the web?" Here's what they had ...

Omicron Inquiry Report Released

Inquiry finds Omicron response put disabled people at risk! Responses to the spread of Omicron caused considerable stress, confusion and put the well-being of disabled people at risk, an urgent inquiry by the Human Rights Commission has found. Read the full report

New Ministry Name Consultation

Do you want to have a say in the new name for the Ministry for Disabled People? The establishment unit has created a forum for members of the access community to share their thoughts, hopes, and take part in shaping the direction of the new ministry.  Share your view on the name of the new ministry.

Simple steps to help change the conversation around disability in the workplace

There are simple but highly impactful changes that any employer can make to help change the conversation around disability in the workplace, and there are many potential benefits of this for both employers and people with access needs.  Like me, one in four New Zealanders has access needs (disabilities). While I grew up with Cerebral Palsy and a vision impai...

Top Tips: 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Business More Accessible

It's a common misconception that achieving accessibility is too costly, and beyond the budget of small business owners. Here's a list of things you can do with little or no cost, to make a big difference. What is accessibility? Research shows that accessible businesses are more successful, with increased customer base, brand loyalty and revenue. But despite ...

10 Ways to Make Your Practice More Accessible

Originally written for New Zealand Optics Magazine, this blog provides great accessibility advice for healthcare and service providers. By Lauren Wetini, Business Relationship Manager at  Be. Lab .  ‍ "In  my first article  in February I explained that while accessibility is the right thing to do, it is also the smart thing to do- embracing accessibility pro...