Introducing the iSee Barriers Project

This is a fantastic initiative, currently only available in Christchurch & Auckland but hopefully, it will be available around the rest of the country soon.

Introducing the iSee Barriers project.

For years Guide Dog Handlers have had to simply put up with access barriers within their community. The iSee Barriers “Empowering Access Advocacy” project will equip handlers with the necessary tools to report everyday barriers - collectively contributing to a safer and accessible community for all.

In partnership with Snap Send Solve, Blind Low Vision NZ have developed a system where Guide Dog Handlers, and members of the community, can instantly report access barriers via their app. Barriers can be anything from rubbish bins blocking the footpath to taxis refusing to pick you up because you have a Guide Dog. The Snap Send Solve app will then triage reports and send to the correct Government authority or council.

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