Kitcal - Tablet for Seniors

Have you heard of the Kitcal Tablet for Seniors? I hadn't until a friend told me about it. 

Kitcal® is a specially designed tablet that helps our non-tech-savvy seniors stay socially connected to their whānau and friends. 

Kitcal® gives back direct personal communication to seniors living in care and reduces social isolation for those still living independently. 

Kitcal® was created when the founder’s mother was no longer able to operate her tablet or smartphone to connect with family. 

I contacted Kitcal & spoke to founder Julie Caldwell about possibly looking at it for my elderly mother who is in a rest home in a different city, but I also thought about it for people with access needs (disabilities) who can't use standard technology. 

Julie sent me one to have a play with & I can't believe how simple it is to use, it even comes with its own data plan so they don't have to worry about connecting to the internet. There's also an app that family or friends (companions) can download on their phone & connect with the person who has the tablet. 

It's wonderful to see someone realize a need & do something about it as Seniors & other non-tech savvy people are being left out of our ever-increasing digital world.

A man using the Kitcal Tablet

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