“You’ll never” they said... but she DID!

Has anyone ever discouraged you from pursuing a dream? Told you it’s too far-fetched, unrealistic, or you aren’t good enough to make it happen?

Even an offhand remark from a friend can sting, but direct disapproval from someone you admire? That can truly be crushing!

As someone with access needs, this resonates with me as, like Marisa Hamamoto, I too have been told "you can't...", and like her, I've gone on to run my own business, despite the naysayers who don't believe we can achieve.

Marisa Hamamoto heard from mentors and teachers her whole life, “You don’t fit the mold” and, “You’ll never make it in dance.”

Spoiler alert: she did make it.

And then she founded Infinite Flow, an inclusive dance company for dancers with and without disabilities. They’ve worked with brands like Apple, Facebook, and Redbull, and prove anyone can be a dancer.

Marisa has overcome so much to become the professional ballroom dancer she is today.

She shares things in this MarieTV that she’s never talked about publicly before –– details about healing from a stroke and multiple assaults that left her terrified of human touch. She shares these lows with an open heart and determined spirit to show that while setbacks do happen, you don’t have to get stuck there.

As Marisa says, “When you connect your passion to a purpose, magic happens.”

 Time to create your magic.

Infinite Dance Company

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