Phasing Out Cheques in NZ

New Zealand will begin phasing out cheques next year. This will be a real struggle for a lot of older people who are not familiar with using technology. Age Concern has written a handy blog post around the timings and the alternatives. Read more

Accessibility vs Disability

Be. Lab founder Minnie Baragwanath gave a passionate TEDx talk about living with partial #blindness and how having this access need drove her to establish Be.Lab, working for a New Zealand that's #inclusive for all. Test

Brainwave Singers Celebrate 10 Years

I love the work the Brainwave Singers choir does to support people with neurological conditions. The Brainwave Singers supports people with neurological conditions, using singing to improve speech and communication in Aphasia (stroke) sufferers and to improve volume and clarity of speech in people with Parkinson’s. Another example of the #health and wellbein...


I'm grateful to have received funding from the Business Growth Fund to pivot my business & get my message out to more people. Who or what are you grateful for & why?

Feel Confident in Online Meetings

Over the last several months, we've seen an increase in online meetings and we've all learned a lot about the platforms we use. Toastmasters International recently posted an infographic in its newsletter on being more confident in online meetings. I've recreated their tips here as I believe they're equally relevant to any online meeting. Follow these tips an...

NZ Disability Support Network Employment Forum

I spent today at the NZ Disability Support Network Employment Symposium with my friend Krystle Crimminins from Epilepsy First Aid . It felt good to be exhibiting again as it's been ages since we've been able to do anything like this.  

Charles Bonnet Syndrome

I've just been reading about Charles Bonnet Syndrome in a book titled "Kika & Me" by Amit Patel who as an A&E Doctor goes blind, so it was with interest I saw an article on this in the latest NZ Optics newsletter. Characterized by visual hallucinations secondary to sight loss, Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is typically associated with elderly patients, given...

First Guide Dog and Wheelchair Team in New Zealand

Thanks to the Communications Team at Blind, Low Vision NZ who interviewed me for this article in the latest Outlook magazine. Genevieve McLachlan might even be the first person in the world to use both a guide dog and a wheelchair. She has Cerebral Palsy as well as low vision and uses a wheelchair for mobility. "My eye condition, Optic Atrophy, means I have ...

Using Teams for Remote Work Using Sign Language

In their latest Accessibility Learning Webinar series, Microsoft shares tips on how to use Teams with deaf or hard of hearing workmates to video call and communicate with sign language, as well as using live captions in meetings

Visual Artist with Low Vision

This story, featured in Blind Low Vision NZ's Korero newsletter, really appealed to me as someone with Low Vision who enjoys being creative, when I get the time :) Pusi, 81, has not let her vision loss deter her from her art.   Read Pusi's story here

Accessibility Business Toolkit

Are you looking to get inspired by what's possible with accessibility?  Be. Lab, with whom I have a contract, has put together this free toolkit for businesses - with case studies and top tips on getting started, no matter where you're at on your accessibility journey. Check it out here

Tauranga's Accessible Beaches

For those of use with access needs, Tauranga's beaches might just be worth a visit.  Did you know that in Tauranga, 28 percent of people identify as living with a disability?  Council strives to make the city accessible to everyone so that people are able to move about easily and safely without being limited by the environment.  Accessible Beach Mat The beac...


I was sent a link to this interesting devise by a colleague so thought I'd share. The LockAid Product was designed and developed in Holland by M5 Solutions in 2015.  It was developed with an important mission, to assist people who are restricted by neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, MS, tremor or musculoskeletal disorders (rheumatism) due to...

Know Your Boundaries

As a business owner, saying "no" can be difficult as we want to please everyone, but we can't be all things to all people, so we need to learn to say "no" sometimes. It's called boundaries.   When I read this article, I thought, hm... I need to take notice of this as I have a lot going on in my life, running my Adaptive Technology Solutions business, buildin...

“You’ll never” they said... but she DID!

Has anyone ever discouraged you from pursuing a dream? Told you it’s too far-fetched, unrealistic, or you aren’t good enough to make it happen? Even an offhand remark from a friend can sting, but direct disapproval from someone you admire? That can truly be crushing! As someone with access needs, this resonates with me as, like Marisa Hamamoto, I too have be...

Let's Celebrate Sign Language

In this interesting article, Lyneen Allen, DeafBlind Coordinator at Blind Low Vision NZ, tells us about the significance of sign language for her and the history behind it. Read Lyneen's story.

Access to All Areas

We all play an important part in making our communities more accessible, but engineers play a special role as the designers and creators of our spaces and places. This recent article from Engineering NZ explores the role of engineers and how important it is for them to design access into their projects. Bridget Burdett, vice-Chair of the Engineering New Zeal...

Get Your Alexa Now

Thanks to the Ministry of Social Development, Blind Low Vision NZ has 3500 Alexa smart speakers to give to their members. If you aren’t familiar with the Alexa smart speaker – there are many benefits. It is easily activated by voice and you can ask Alexa the time, set reminders, listen to the news or music, get Covid-19 updates, and access public transport i...

Welcome to my New Website

Welcome to my new website! Trusted and experienced I provide a wide variety of flexible technology solutions for people who struggle to use their computer, read print, or who may prefer dictating rather than typing by offering assessments, training, and support.  I am an accredited trainer of Dragon Speech Recognition software and can provide training in oth...

Access 2020: Accessibility in New Zealand Today

There are over one million New Zealanders currently living with an access need in our communities today and for many, access to essential services and public activities and events is limited. This results not only in a lack of equity but also represents a huge amount of wasted talent, ideas, potential customers, and economic contributions that New Zealand is...