Technology: Creating Accessible Solutions

I was recently asked to write an article for Muscular Dystrophy NZ's 'In Touch' magazine on creating accessible technology solutions. 'Assistive technology opens up a world of opportunities for people with disabilities or physical limitations, writes Adaptive Technology Solutions founder Genevieve McLachlan.' Read the full article.

Holly Tuke: What Accessibility Means to Me!

As I was scrolling through LinkedIn, I came across this interesting blog post which shows the importance of assistive technology for those who need it. 'Holly Tuke is a disability blogger, freelance writer and Assistive Technology Advisor. She's also the author behind the award-winning blog 'Life of a Blind Girl'. Holly is passionate about raising awareness ...

First New Zealand Movie with Down Syndrome Actor in Lead Role Premieres in Wellington

I saw this young woman on Attitude recently & remember feeling proud of what she's doing. She reminds me of my cousin Sam who had the same love of life & determination. 'Shot on the Kapiti Coast, Poppy is the story of a young woman living with Down syndrome who refuses to be defined by her disability.' Read the full article

Project Mobilise

Project Mobilise is an initiative created by the Human Rights Commission to inspire social change. Over the next few months, Project Mobilise will be working hard to understand attitudes surrounding disability – the stories, beliefs, and assumptions held by New Zealanders. They're hoping to create a media campaign based on these insights to help people think...

Global Centre of Possibility launches New Possibility Leadership Programme

At the end of April, the Global Centre of Possibility (founded by Be. Lab founder, Minnie Baragwanath) launched its flagship programme for Possibility Leadership. This programme will play a crucial role in advancing access entrepreneurship in New Zealand. I'm honoured to be one of 13 access entrepreneurs and innovators who are this year's programme participa...

How New Tech is Changing Old Industries

Over the past year, we've seen a lot of traditional industries have to transform as part of this covid catalyst of change. But this doesn't need to be a battle of analog and digital - but how new tech can support and benefit old industries. Check out this article  on Wavoto's blog to find out what this means!

Apple Launches SignTime

Apple launches SignTime enabling access to their customer Services via an on-demand Sign Language Interpreter and other great accessibility features to their range of devices. Read the full article.

Honouring Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a Call to Action

Microsoft honoured Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 20th with a call to action.  They share their ambition to bridge the disability divide. Read the full article.

Six Ways to Make Digital Content Accessible

As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Dolphin Computer Access shared six ways to make digital content accessible. While many companies, particularly those with customer-facing premises, consider accessibility in the physical sense, how much consideration have you made to improve the accessibility of your website, your documentation and even your bra...

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

With more people working digitally now, digital accessibility is even more important. Tomorrow 20th May is the 10th Annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day-  this day is about raising awareness of Digital Accessibility and the 1 billion people worldwide with a Disability or Access Need. We are challenging all NZ Businesses to embrace this opportunity- and ...

The Power of Authentic Leadership

As part of a Possibility Leadership program I'm doing this year, I read this very interesting article on the power of authentic leadership.  It really got me thinking about what Leadership means to me. 'Jonthan Cotton speaks to the people behind a programme teaching modern authentic leadership about what makes a great leader in 2021...' Read the full article...

How to Incorporate Mentoring into Your Diversity & Inclusion Stragegy

What is mentoring?  It’s a fantastic way to equip people with the skills and confidence they need to build their career and has a positive impact on both mentor and mentee.  It is also proven to be a powerful tool to embed diversity and inclusion into an organisation. Read more in this article by Be. Lab

Why Accessibility is Good for Your Brand!

Being known for your commitment to accessibility is good for business.  Whether you’re looking to attract and retain talent or to expand your customer base.  Find out how a reputation for diversity and inclusion can give you a business benefit. Read the full article.

How to Build an Accessible Culture in Your Workplace

Attracting and retaining the best talent for your company means thinking carefully about your workplace culture. A strategic and long-term commitment to inclusion will create a business where everyone can thrive. Read this article  on how to build an accessible culture in your workplace.

Increased Productivity in the Workplace

Do you want to be more productive at work? This video shows how Dragon Speech Recognition Software can increase productivity in the workplace. Contact me  to find out how this could work for your organisation .

The Effect of Loneliness on Disabled People

Disability Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoriero shares a small video on the impact of loneliness on disabled people.  "More than 11% of disabled people reported feeling lonely most or all of the time. In fact, disabled people are four times more likely to experience loneliness than non-disabled people. The negative effects of loneliness make this a public hea...

IT Angels

Are you a non-business person wanting to become friends with your technology? Whether you're retired, have access needs and need some advice or out in a rural area and just want to throw your tech out of the window... IT Angels can help! They offer an online helpdesk for non-business people struggling with their technology. With a team of friendly, experienc...

You Could Qualify for a $2000 Digital Boost!

Are you a sole trader or small business owner that empowers disabled people? Does your business need a digital boost? Did you know you could access up to $2000 funding? Grow Digital can help you! As part of the government’s digital strategy to help sole traders and small businesses build their digital capability, Grow Digital are offering businesses free Dig...

Welcome to the Be. Lab Talent Café

Are you an employer looking to hire exceptional talent? Then look no further! The Be. Lab Talent Café video series showcases some of the incredible candidates they're working with to place into meaningful, permanent employment.    From qualified engineers to meticulous comms people - the Talent Café is full of skilled access citizens who will be an asset to ...

Creating Accessible Solutions

What would you do if you couldn’t read your computer or smartphone?    For many people living with access needs, that is their reality.   Picking up your phone to check your notifications, scroll through social media and message your friends is something you wouldn’t normally think about.    But that simple act of staying in touch with the world digitally be...