An 86-year old woman with Macular Degeneration has written a poem titled ‘Questionable Advantages of being Half Blind’ as she learns how to adjust to her sight loss.

Questionable Advantages of Being Half Blind

I can’t see the Cob-webs and Spiders
Or the Daddy Long Legs roaming free
They get to live so much longer
Than they did when I could see
Dust builds up on the furniture
Kids like to draw in the dust
Who am I to deprive them
When it’s free and they don’t fuss

If I’m wearing navy blue trousers
You can bet I’ll be wearing black shoes
I can’t see the difference in colour
So I get to randomly choose
Perhaps it will become a fashion statement
To wear a different colour on each foot
I will be the first to endorse it
And be proud to wear the new look

Threading needles is a futile mission
The eye needs to be as big as a tube
And the cotton to be as thick as an anchor rope
To have any hope of threading it through
So the clothes that need a few stitches
Are piled up on the seat of the chair
Waiting for someone with good eyesight
To make a few minor repairs.

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