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“Personally, I use assistive technology on a daily basis to enable to me to run a successful business. Having lived my whole life with the effect of disability, I relate well to others and am able to assess their needs with compassion and experience”

I was named in 2016 Queens Birthday Honors List as a Member of the NZ Order of Merit for Services to People with Disabilities. (MNZM)

Genevieve McLachlan (MNZM)

Genevieve McLachlan (MNZM)

Managing Director

Our Story

Adaptive Technology Solutions Ltd was born from a long held dream of Managing Director, Genevieve McLachlan, to establish her own business enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and older people.

Genevieve comes from a professional background of almost 15 years spent integrating people with disabilities throughout New Zealand (both ACC and health related), highlighting to her the need for a new approach to helping individuals’ access adaptive technology.

After almost seven years working for the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, providing vocational and adaptive technology assessments and training for blind and low vision clients – and following Genevieve’s extensive research – it became apparent that there was no one agency providing a holistic approach to assessment and training for people with multiple disabilities.

Most agencies provide services for one disability type, e.g. sensory or physical but not both. This means that people with multiple disabilities often have to work with more than one agency and complete more than one assessment – causing frustration and anxiety for the client, as well as additional expense for the funding agency.

At Adaptive Technology Solutions Ltd we use a holistic approach to provide assessments and training for people with multiple disabilities and older people, resulting in more effective outcomes and making the entire process easier to understand and cost effective.

Our Guarantee

We promise to provide a high quality of professional service to all our clients.
We promise to listen to our clients and provide choices where appropriate.
We guarantee to undertake an assessment within two weeks of receiving the referral, unless otherwise negotiated.
We will maintain open communication at all times so everyone involved is aware of each stage in the process.


We aim to be the leading provider in communication solutions for people using assistive technology in New Zealand.


To enable people to participate fully in society through the use and integration of assistive technology into their lives.



Maintain a professional attitude in all our dealings with clients, business colleagues and staff.


Respect each other, our clients and business colleagues.


Provide clients with choices so they can make informed decisions about the assistive technology solution that best suits their needs.


Be honest with each other, our clients and business colleagues.


Respect people’s privacy, in particular that of our clients. Collaboration: Work collaboratively as part of a team with other staff as well as with clients and other agencies.

I am an adult student studying law, with a background in entrepreneurship and banking. I have been recently diagnosed with a learning disorder and needed specific software and hardware to assist me. Adaptive Technology Solutions have experience with people like me and my specific needs and were also able to research and recommend high-quality solutions tailored for my situation.

Genevieve and Adaptive Technology Solutions were experienced, professional and timely in all of my dealings with them. As a result of the systems I now have in place I am more able to operate at my highest level for longer, which in my case means a better understanding and comprehension of what I read and learn, which has meant better grades for me right now and going forward will help to ensure success in the profession I am studying to become part of.

This service exceeded my expectations and I can recommend Adaptive Technology Solutions to anyone.

Brooke Riddell-Garner

Third-year law student, Victoria University of Wellington

Hi Genevieve,

Thanks for your reply. Yesterday’s installation of Version 9 went like clockwork. Our Geek deactivated version 6 and then installed version 9. When we checked everything at the end of the process we discovered that Version 9 had uninstalled version 6. It was a very trouble free installation and our Geek has learned a new operating system!

We discovered that Guide is not happy with excel worksheets, power point presentations of family trees or photocopies of 19th century birth certificates (!!) but apart from that it does everything else that she needs – including reading out a very dense and ponderous family history that a relative is writing and sending by email, 50 page chapter at a time.

I think the internet access part is vastly improved. We laughed when we tried researching “cats”. The sentences being broken up by The Voice saying “The domestic cat link one press enter to …link two press enter to …felix cattus link two press enter to …” had us scrambling to keep up. But I think Mother will get used to how Guide works the page after a while.

I received an email from Mother at about 11pm last night and the dear old thing was still happily experimenting with the new Guide, probing the depths of her files and moving and saving documents with relative ease. I am very happy with it. Mother is nearly 94 but determined to squeeze every last morsel out of Life and Guide gives her access to the wider world and allows her to participate on an almost equal footing.

So consider us one very satisfied customer. Many thanks for your very prompt assistance with everything.



For Laura Fergusson Trust (Wellington) it is a great pleasure to work with a business like Adaptive Technology Solutions that understands our philosophy and our client group and is just as committed to achieving positive outcomes as we are.

We are very pleased to have an ongoing relationship with Adaptive Technology Solutions and are consistently pleased with Genevieve’s responsive and professional approach to whatever we throw her way!

Without doubt the biggest benefit for Laura Fergusson Trust (Wellington) in working with Adaptive Technology Solutions is working with people who really do understand our needs.

The products and services provided by Adaptive Technology Solutions are really valuable to many of the clients that Laura Fergusson Trust (Wellington) supports and we are completely comfortable in referring individuals to Adaptive Technology Solutions to work through tailored solutions to their needs.

Adaptive Technology Solutions singular commitment to delivering fit for purpose, quality solutions means that Laura Fergusson Trust (Wellington) was recently able to offer specialize computer training for a number of consumers – we’re very much looking forward to continuing to work with Genevieve in the future to provide similar training.

Karen Wilton. Laura Ferguson

Trust Wellington

I am sight-impaired and need magnification of text in order to read books and periodicals. I tried various kinds of equipment before discovering the Zoomtext ImageReader. I was attracted to it by the neatness of its design, and its price was significantly less than most other readers on the market.

Using it, I found that it indeed fitted economically onto a crowded desk, but most of all it gives good results and with it I can read books and journals on my computer screen without difficulty. The Reader gives a wide range of magnification, also colour and contrast options. It is easy to operate. I found that errors which occur in the readout seem to relate chiefly to the quality of text in the book I am reading; poor quality text produces errors, but good quality text reproduces with only few errors – this is rather what one would expect

The Zoomtext ImageReader possesses text-to-speech facility. Three choices of voice were available, two male and one female, and volume and rate of speech can be controlled. The results are clear and positive, providing one does not object to American accents.

I do recommend this product to anyone who needs larger text, and who might prefer to read it from their own computer screen.

The service and attention to detail I received from the agent – Adaptive Technology Solutions was perfect.

George Coulter

My elderly mother suffers from Macular Degeneration so I went online to find what low vision aids were available. My search led to two companies who had the required equipment so an email was sent off to both but only one was promptly answered and that was Adaptive Technology Solutions. Since my initial contact I have spoken to Genevieve several times and visited her and husband Bruce with my mother at the Disability Expo in Auckland and found their kind and considerate manner refreshing, nothing was too much trouble and all the products and advice were freely available. I thank Genevieve for her time and if required look forward to dealing with her and Adaptive Technology Solutions again

Scott Taylor

Kia ora, ngā mihi maioha ki a koutou katoa

Adaptive Technology Solutions recently provided me with Dragon Naturally Speaking software and training. I have found the software life changing – it allows me to stand up and walk around while working, thereby reducing my back pain.

I have also found it an absolute pleasure to work with Genevieve and her husband Bruce. Genevieve is a wonderful teacher. She is flexible in regards to training dates and times, caters for my learning style, works at a pace I feel comfortable with, provides clear, easy to understand instructions and maintains good email communication and follow up.

Thank you again for all your help – it has made a huge difference in my life.

Nāku noa, nā

Lana M

Masters student, Victoria University of Wellington

I am very grateful to Adaptive Technology for their excellent service, which has allowed me to continue dooing my job through the use of some truly remarkable technology. Workbridge provided an assessment by Genevieve McLachlan, who demonstrated and loaned me equipment to trial until I found the combination that suited me best. Her prompt report recommended ZoomText software and the amazing ZoomTwix camera, which enable me to use both electronic and print material. Genevieve and Bruce have provided excellent training and support. Their expertise and assistance has been essential in making it possible for me to continue doing the editorial work that I love and had feared would no longer be possible.


Late last year I had sudden deterioration with my eyesight and it appeared that I would no longer be able to continue my work as an administrator. Luckily my Manager was very supportive and arranged for Workbridge to assess me. To my great relief they approved my application for Job Support Funds.

This followed a visit to my workplace from Genevieve McLachlan from Adaptive Technology Solutions Ltd to assess what assistance there was available for me.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Genevieve and her husband Bruce who lent me their ClearView CCTV and Compact Mini for a trial and arranged for me to trial ZoomText magnificaiton/screen reading software.

Once Genevieve was aware how helpful these were to me she set everything in motion and I very soon had my very own equipment.

I cannot thank Workbridge and Adaptive Technology Solutions Ltd for their understanding, consideration and professionalism.

And lastly if it had not been for my Manager none of this would have been possible.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


I would like to express my appreciation for what you have done for me, it has and will open up doors for me that I never knew existed, a world within a world. Thanks to you for your professionalism and the integrity that you put into your teachings. You will go far and beyond. Thank you very much. Yours, greatfully,


The Alva 640 Comfort Braille Display is the ergonomically best designed Braille display that I have seen, with a very high quality and crisp line of braille. Service from time of researching the product to completion of the purchase was prompt and reliable.

My perception of Adaptive Technology Solutions is a positive one. I have known Genevieve for a long time, and know Adaptive Technology Solutions to be customer focused and responsive.

The new Alva display is designed for correct positioning in front of a full length desktop keyboard. The quality of its braille reproduction is the best that I have seen. Servicing is done in Australia, and this should mean prompt despatch and return.

I have already recommended this product and the services of Adaptive Technology Solutions and will continue to do so”


What I liked most about Adaptive Technology Solutions was being able to ring up for information/advice when I needed to. Having used their service before I’ve always found them knowledgeable and helpful in making sure I had all the information I needed to make the right decisions. Given my sight impairment there is always a lot of factors to think about to do with my eyesight when buying a computer and ATS were there to ensure everything was compatible and worked well together. I am very pleased with my new updated computer.

The preparations I made for buying a new computer was to get online to see what was out there that would work with ZoomText and to get people who knew about computers for assistance including ATS and family members.

My perceptions have not really changed. The way I see it is that I will always want/need to use the services of ATS for as long as I can.

The three biggest benefits for me were being able to deal with people who know me well and being able to access their website or any other information that might be useful as well as getting a new upgraded computer.

Yes I would recommend ATS to anyone with a sight impairment who might benefit from this service.


I have been dealing with Genevieve McLachlan, Manager Adaptive Technology Solutions Limited since she gave a demonstration on the Dragon dictation system to me and some of my staff in May 2012.

Genevieve’s delivery at that presentation was measured, clear and concise. She answered questions well and was able to demonstrate and explain the value of the system in a way that all could understand.

After the presentation Genevieve remained in regular contact with me, providing me with quotes, responding quickly to queries that I had and readjusting her quotation accordingly. I have since purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking for me and some of my staff. Genevieve has continued to provide training when requested and has also been available to answer questions.

Jonty Somers.

Chief Legal Adviser. , Department of Conservation

Thanks so much for doing two reserves assessments for us, Genevieve. Go Anywhere is a Kapiti-based charitable trust committed to enhancing the well being of disabled and impaired people through uniform accessibility to public facilities in the Wellington region, and we have been funded this year through the MSD’s “Making a Difference” campaign to survey parks and reserves for accessibility.

I’ve been coordinating the assessments for three months and it has not been easy to find people with sufficient depth of experience of disabilities and impairments to carry out the accessibility reviews. It has been great that you have been able to tackle the Upper Hutt surveys from a broad perspective and specific relevance to the relevant NZS 4121 criteria.

The final portfolio of 10 parks and reserves assessments looks excellent. By presenting them to parks and reserves managers at six local authorities we hope to achieve some positive response to the recommendations made in the reviews

Jim Webber

secretary, Go Anywhere Trust

When I realized that I could no longer read print easily, I looked at three different options and decided on SuperNova Access Suite screen reading software. I liked the fact that SuperNova Access Suite offered me both excellent magnification and was also a fully functional text to speech reader with natural sounding voices. The fact that Adaptive Technology Solutions was able to offer me home based training on my own personal computer was a real bonus.

Having used a computer at home for more than 10 years I was pleasantly surprised how much I learned when you went through some really basic concepts with me and encouraged me to start using key strokes straightaway. With 3x magnification, as my preferred visual option, the once mastered key strokes mean I can operate as efficiently as before. As my sight is limited and reading print is difficult, the ability to read a document by pressing two keys and have it come in audio format is fantastic.

I found you to be a well-organized and highly motivated teacher, who enabled me to master the basics and provided me with a manual so that I can check on how to do things that one only does occasionally. I appreciated the fact that you provided me with a two hour lesson once every 2 or 3 weeks, so I had time in-between to practice what you had taught me in the previous lesson. I believe that Adaptive Technology Solutions are one of the only organizations in greater Wellington able to offer home based training to clients.


Dear Genevieve,

Please accept my thanks for your professional and efficient service. There is a range of adaptive technology products available and it can be confusing to select the most appropriate one. I appreciate your advice, and ability to source the required items. When an issue arose with another supplier, you were quick to respond and resolve the issue, even though it was not your responsibility.

I would recommend your services to anyone requiring adaptive technology solutions.

Yours Sincerely

Wendy Richards.

Braille Music Specialist. , BLENNZ Homai Campus

I recently purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 from Genevieve McLaughlan of Adaptive Technology Solutions. While I am not disabled, I was looking at ways to streamline my business processes as I work as a self-employed partner in a small business and I do a lot of the tasks that a secretary or a personal assistant would otherwise do for me in a larger business. This includes typing, both proposals and reports as well as e-mail. These are non-productive task for me as my business is a face-to-face business where I am most effective meeting with people. I’m also not a natural typist. So when Genevieve mentioned Dragon Naturally Speaking as a possible tool to help save on time I was keen to give it a go. I purchased the package approximately four weeks ago and also purchased some training from Genevieve. I found Genevieve to be one of the best trainers that I’ve dealt with. and over the past four weeks I’ve been using the software to dictate most of my reports as and e-mails as well as this recommendation.so I have no hesitation in recommending Genevieve most highly to any business professional looking to take advantage of this effective technology in making his or her business run more effectively. For example I wrote an eight-page report using Dragon in about four hours. Normally, this would take me the best part of a full day by the time I revised the draft and proofread it. I was able to do all of this in half the time using software which I am still learning to get around on. I would expect that using Dragon going forward, to complete all my typing and e-mails in half the time that it would normally take me to do on a keyboard. To put it in context, I would normally spend half my week behind my keyboard – say two days a week. Dragon has given me an extra day each week to allow me to personally meet and interact face-to-face with my existing clients and prospective clients

Callum Forbes.

NZ Financial Planning

I am pleased to provide a testimonial for Genevieve and Bruce of Adaptive Technology Solutions, who I can say, without hesitation, have provided such high quality service, advice and support to my family. One of my family members was diagnosed with several eye conditions. A real turning point for us came when I met Genevieve and Bruce at a Retina Association meeting. They were so generous with their time and sharing information, offering the opportunity to see how their equipment can assist someone with vision problems. However, the thing that really stays with me about their service is how much they genuinely care and want to help. They have kept in regular communication with us, offered tips and support and it has been a truly positive experience for us. The equipment they provide is fantastic.