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We help match adaptive technology solutions, to individual's needs, to help make people's daily lives easier.
Genevieve McLachlan
Living with access needs and disabilities can be difficult. 
But the right technology solution, can usually make it easier. 
No need to spend hours trying to find the right tech for you, or your client's needs. 
We can assist you in finding the best solution, and provide training to integrate it into life with confidence.
Getting your client the right assistive technology is as easy as 1, 2, 3...
We know that finding the right technology solution can be overwhelming. So our services are designed to help you find the right technology for your client, so that they can carry out their work or study with confidence.


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We'll find the right technology solution for your clientHands typing on a keyboard


Know your client has the technology they need to make their life easierA computer screen with magnification & speech recognition software

"The Alva 640 Comfort Braille Display is the ergonomically best designed Braille display that I have seen, with a very high quality and crisp line of braille.  Service from time of researching the product to completion of the purchase was prompt and reliable. My perception of Adaptive Technology Solutions is a positive one. I have known Genevieve for a long time and know Adaptive Technology Solutions to be customer focused and responsive. The new Alva display is designed for correct positioning in front of a full-length desktop keyboard.  The quality of its braille reproduction is the best that I have seen.  Servicing is done in Australia, and this should mean prompt dispatch and return. I have already recommended this product and the services of Adaptive Technology Solutions and will continue to do so. "

Vaughan Dodd

TEDx Pipitea

In 2021 Genevieve was a speaker at TEDx Pipitea.